Andreas Walter (Austria) - Chair COMULIS

Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux (France) - Vice Chair COMULIS

Paul Verkade (UK) - Leader of WG1 (CLEM)

Ludek Sefc (Czech Republic) - Leader of WG2 (Preclinical Hybrid Imaging)

Yannick Schwab (Germany) - Leader of WG3 (Novel Correlated Multimodal Imaging Pipelines)

Natasa Sladoje (Serbia) - Leader of WG4 (Correlation Software)

Paula Sampaio (Portugal) - Leader of WG5 (Dissemination, Outreach & Partnerships) & Dissemination Coordinator

Anna Sartori-Rupp (France) - Co-Leader of WG1 (CLEM)

Raphaël Marée (Belgium) - Co-leader of WG4 (Correlation software)

Julia Fernandez-Rodgriuez (Sweden) - Co-Leader of WG5 (Dissemination) & STSM Coordinator

Alain Pitiot (UK) - Co-Leader of WG2 (Preclinical Hybrid Imaging)

Martina Marchetti-Deschmann (Austria) - Science Communication Manager

Dror Fixler (IL) - Co-Leader of WG3 (Novel CMI Pipelines)



A list of current member countries can be found here. A list of participating researchers and their expertise will be made available soon. Please visit Join COMULIS to become a member of the Action.