COST Actions are bottom up networks, with a duration of 4 years.  Any individual - researcher, engineer, or scholar - in universities, research centers, public and private organizations, and whose expertise is relevant to the Action, is welcome to join, with different pathways according to the country hosting your institution. 

The first step to join is to read the Memorandum of Understanding of the Action. COMULIS expects an active contribution to at least one working group. Then, please follow the procedures as explained below:

34 out of 38 COST and cooperating member countries have joined the Action. A list of the current COMULIS members can be found here. If you work in one of these countries, during the 1st grant period of an Action (for COMULIS - open until 30th of April, 2019), you can join by contacting the Chair of the Action and fill out the Membership Form. From May 2019 onwards, joining the action needs to be approved by the Management Committee.

If your host institution is located in a COST country that has not joined the Action yet (Albania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Moldavia or Montenegro), you need to contact your COST National Coordinator (the contact list of participants can be found here) to discuss your interest of joining the Action. Please, also inform the Chair of COMULIS about your interest (see Contact Us). You can only be nominated to the COMULIS Management Committee by your COST National Coordinator.

For Near Neighbour Countries (NNC) or International Partner Countries (IPC), participation is possible upon written request presenting mutual benefit, and upon approval both by the COST administration and by the COMULIS Management Committee. NNCs have full member rights in the Action, but no voting rights. IPCs can participate as observers to the Action, but are not eligible for reimbursement. Please Contact Us for further information.