to Nov 22

Upcoming Event - MC, WG, CG Meetings at COMULIS & BioImaging Austria/CMI Conference

  • Natural History Museum Vienna (map)
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This year's MC Meeting will take place in the framework of a conference organized by COMULIS and BioImaging Austria and specifically focused on correlated multimodal imaging (CMI) to fuel urgently needed collaborations in the field, promote and disseminate its benefits through showcase pipelines, and pave the way for its technological advancement and implementation as a versatile tool in biological and preclinical research. The conference will be divided in 6 session (one for each WG) and provides COMULIS members as well as renowned scientists in the field the opportunity to give a talk. Session 6 will boost flash talks about submitted poster abstracts and invites successful STSM applicants to present their research during the STSM. The conference will take place in the Natural History Museum of Vienna; registration will open in June 2019. The WG Meetings will take place at Vienna BioCenter Campus on November 20th

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to Jan 30

Upcoming Event - Working Group meetings

  • Keramikou Nicosia undefined (map)
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During the last Grant Period, we recognized the importance of separate WG3 meeting to push forward novel multimodal pipelines in so-called showcase pipelines. This requires bringing together experts in diverse fields to work jointly on a biomedical research questions that will be tackled by correlative multimodal imaging including data integration and analysis. We plan to organize a specific meeting for this, close to a laboratory which is already proactively imaging such a sample.

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to Feb 14

Upcoming Event - 1st COMULIS Training School "A Practical Approach to CLEM"

 Within the time frame of the COMULIS COST Action, we will organize six training schools and workshops in the field of correlative multimodal imaging.  The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) is delighted to be hosting the first training school which will be held in Oeiras Portugal Sunday February 9th to Friday February 14th.

 This first training school is called “A Practical Approach to CLEM”. The school is targeting users who are interested in establishing Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) in their home laboratories, but who may have limited technical resources and training in this area.  As such the school will be focused on getting new laboratories set up to do CLEM. By inviting an array of international CLEM experts to Portugal, we aim to show the participants CLEM procedures that can straightforward to duplicate.  Furthermore, we aim to give the training school participants the knowledge and skills to start doing CLEM in their home institution.

 We cordially invite scientists from all across Europe who are interested in setting up CLEM experiments in their home laboratories to join us in Portugal.  We also invite companies interested in working with these new CLEM experts, to join us in our sponsorship program.

 We are looking forward to welcoming you to Oeiras, Portugal in February 2020.

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to Mar 24

Upcoming Event - Satellite Meeting at EMIM 2020

The Meetings will start with a co-organized symposium by COST of 2.5 hours at the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM). Each work group (WG1-4: CLEM, PHI, Novel CMI Pipelines & Correlation Software) will invite one invited, internationally renowned speaker to talk about the benefits of CMI and his/her research. Additionally, the Chair of the Action will give an introductory talk about COMULIS and the benefits of correlative multimodal imaging. EMIM is the biggest meeting with a focus on (pre)clinical imaging in Europe, and thus represents a great opportunity for COMULIS. The day before the COMULIS Project Session, WG meetings and a concluding CG meeting will take place. This will give us the opportunity to discuss gold standards in CMI and finalize the envisioned repositories and dissemination goals. During the Meetings, future activities and tasks will be discussed and coordinated.

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9:00 AM09:00

Upcoming Event - NEUBIAS Taggathon Working Group Meeting

Taggathons are NEUBIAS' original concept and is an effort to bridge the life science world and the image processing world. As compared to hackathon where developers gather to code, here people gather to "tag" information in a database to create a searchable online repository for the community (the webtool). The aim is to manually annotate available implementations of image processing algorithms to offer easier access to versatile bioimage analysis components and workflows. Their mutual relationship accessible in the webtool facilitates the customization of workflows. The webtool workgroup of the NEUBIAS action organizes Taggathons to construct and to deliver the webtool:

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to Oct 12

Upcoming Event - Dissemination Meeting at Seeing is Believing

Lucy Collinson, MC substitute member from UK, will inform and disseminate about COMULIS and her relevant research work in correlated multimodal imaging at the Seeing is Believing Conference at EMBL, Heidelberg during Session 1 (Imaging Across Scales). The symposium will bring together the leading developers of imaging methods with cutting edge applications that illustrate how imaging can answer biological questions. The symposium provides many opportunities for presentations, discussions and interactions between students, postdocs, junior as well as senior investigators:

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to Sep 5

Past Event - Dissemination Meeting at Microscopy Conference 2019

Erin Tranfield, MC member from Portugal, will inform and disseminate about COMULIS and her relevant research work in correlated multimodal imaging at the Microscopy Conference 2019 in Berlin. She will talk during the Session 5 (Life Sciences - Correlative and multimodal microscopy): Correlative Microscopy aims at combining different imaging modalities to generate more or better information than can be generated by each modality as a stand-alone technique. This session will highlight the current state of the field and the latest developments involving new imaging modalities:

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to Jul 6

Past Event - Imaging Technology Summer Conference (TOPIM TECH)

  • Chania, Island of Crete Greece (map)
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COMULIS is co-organizing the upcoming edition of the ESMI’s Imaging Technology Summer Conference (TOPIM TECH) dedicated to “RESOLUTION REVOLUTION - pushing the limits of resolution & speed across modalities. TOPIM TECH 2019 will take place from 1st to 6th July 2019 in Chania, Island of Crete. Do not miss to join and present your work!


ABSTRACT submission and REGISTRATION are possible via!


Abstract submission: 14th May 2019

Early bird registration: 29th May 2019



  • Optoacoustic microscopy – photons and beyond

  • Multiphoton microscopy techniques – from visible to IR

  • Diffraction limited vs. diffraction unlimited microscopy

  • Wavefront shaping microscopy – fighting diffusion

  • Coherent X ray time-resolved nanoscopy

  • Structural Electron microscopy

  • Correlated light electron microscopy

  • Ultrasound microscopy

  • Magnetic Particle Imaging

  • fMRI


SPEAKERS so far:

Francisco Balzarotti - Göttingen, Germany

Anne Bonnin - Villingen, Switzerland

Emmanuel Bossy - Grenoble, France

Thorsten Buzug – Lübeck, Germany

Peter Friedl - Nijmegen/Houston, The Netherlands/US

Vasilis Ntziachristos - Munich, Germany

Anna Sartori – Paris, France

Mickael Tanter – Paris, France

Xin Yu – Tübingen, Germany


For any further information on programme, registration, and abstract submission

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10:00 AM10:00

Past Event - Focus Session on COMULIS - EMIM, Glasgow

In joint efforts with the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI), the European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) hosts a focus session on Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences organized by COMULIS. This session aims at presenting novel correlated multimodal imaging workflows and at bridging the gap between biological and preclinical imaging. A programme will follow soon.

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Past Event - MC & WG Meetings - Porto
to Jan 22

Past Event - MC & WG Meetings - Porto

The MC Meeting of the first Grant Period takes place in Porto, and will be embedded in Work Group (WG) Meetings on January 21st & 22nd, 2019. The MC comprises the national representatives of each COST Full or Cooperating Member. It ensures the coordination, implementation and management of the Action's activities and supervises the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funds to accomplish COMULIS’ research coordination objectives and capacity building objectives. The WG Meetings will work towards achieving the specific WG deliverables, such as implementing repositories for correlated multimodal imaging (CMI) and databases for correlation software. The WG Meetings will help to establish commonly-accepted protocols and quality standards for existing CMI approaches, identify and showcase novel CMI pipelines, and bridge the gap between preclinical and biological imaging. A programme will follow soon.

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